Elver Loho


engineering software & society


I offer Python-based software development services.

My Python experience ranges from embedded devices (MicroPython, pycom) to medium-scale websites (Django) to highly scalable serverless cloud architectures (AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, etc.) to cross-platform smartphone apps with Kivy.

This website runs on a highly scalable serverless combination of Django, Zappa, AWS Lambda, S3, API Gateway, Cloudfront, etc.

I don't mix business with my public activities, so there will be no public information linking me to your project.

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Co-founded the Estonian Skeptics Society with help from James Randi. Founded the original ISOC Estonia Chapter. Organized the highly successful fight against ACTA in Estonia, including the largest peaceful public protest since the Singing Revolution. Helped the Estonian government write new legislation, including Open Data laws. Co-founded the Estonian Medical Cannabis Association.

Written lots of articles, given interviews, done much podcasting, most recently at Vaba.TV.

My political views are classic liberal, pro-democracy, pro-transparency, equal treatment and equal opportunity for all. My cultural views are metamodernist.

Daily commentary available on my Facebook feed.